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How To Become A Rapper – Essential Tips

Have you been a big fan of rap music for some time, and are now hoping to get into the scene for yourself? Well, it’s understandable if you’re interesting but feeling hesitant. After all, there’s a lot of competition out there. Now with the internet giving everyone a voice, it seems you’re having to compete with an even broader scope of people as well.

However, you need to utilize the internet for its advantages instead. There are a number of ways that modern technology can help you get started with a rap career. Just consider all of the following to help you out:

1 – Find Music Editing Software

All of the most basic music editing software suites offer some very useful features such as recording, pitch shifting, volume reduction, mixing in new tracks, and time shifting. There are even viable free options such as Audacity. With this sort of software, you can record your own raps and mix them into existing recording. This is very useful for helping get your material heard. If you can showcase how well you’re able to perform over a beat, your sense of rhythm will be much more apparent.

2 – Use Slower Tracks To Practice

Just as with any type of musical performance, you can utilize the method of practicing more slowly to help build up your sense of rhythm, timing, and even muscle memory. If you want to rap and perfect the art of freestyling at certain speeds effortlessly and not get tongue tied, you have to practice slower and build up to that. Using the time stretch feature of your music software will help with that immensely. You can take some of your favorite tracks and slow them down to match a tempo you’re more comfortable with. As you practice with the reduced speed, your natural ability to perform and learn how to rap will only get stronger.

3 – Get Noticed Through Popular Music

Once you’ve practiced enough and you start to develop some serious skills of your own, you can aim for viral popularity by throwing your own bars on top of popular pieces of music. Cross genre mashups in particular are very popular. Just take a look at how many hits videos like the one that combines a rap from Biggie and the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song. There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from putting together your own material within the same vein, and the fact that you’ll be producing completely original rhymes will easily help you build an audience.

4 – Maintain A Strong Social Media Presence

Once you’re uploading your recordings to the likes of Soundcloud and Youtube, you need to make sure to start up social media profiles to promote everything you’ve done and even hype up upcoming releases. Make sure to take advantage of every platform available. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram are all amazing ways to make sure people that like what you do are on top of everything you’ve released. Also, never be afraid to ask for shares!

5 – Network To Find Musicians And Producers

You can network either locally or even within online communities to find musicians or producers that are seeking out rappers to work with. If you’ve already fulfilled all the steps above, you’ll have a portfolio of solid work examples to show off and land some worthwhile opportunities. You might even find a musical partner that you can work with for many years to come. In many ways, two (or more) heads are better than one. When it comes to navigating the seas of making a name in the music industry, that couldn’t possibly be more true.

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